Jack Hamlin

As the little girl stares intently at the water, she sees the movement she was looking for. Following a tiny dip, her bobber steadily sinks below the surface.

“Grampa!” she yells. “I think I got one!”

Indeed she did. After helping her reel the fish in and grabbing the nearby net, Jack Hamlin is reminded of the first fish he caught at the same fishing hole more than four decades ago. As he sees his granddaughter’s face filled with elation, he recalls his own grandfather helping him bring in the small trout and telling him it’s the biggest one he’s seen in years.
Full Circle
For Jack, it’s a very emotional experience. In many ways, he sees how life has come full circle. He remembers how excited he was as a boy and imagines his grandfather must have felt the same as he does now. In Jack’s life, this rewarding experience is just one part of the rich heritage his family has forged here in Montana over the course of five generations.

True Heritage
And that’s just one example. When Jack and his family sit down together for a holiday meal, they keep the same traditions the family has held sacred for generations. As the patriarch of the family, Jack now enjoys the responsibility of carving the turkey. On the wall hangs silverware that has been in the family for ages and will no doubt be handed down to Jack’s grandchildren’s grandchildren. “We are rich in that we enjoy an amazing heritage in such an amazing place,” says Jack. “It is something we never take for granted.”

Jack believes that everyone deserves a place to call home. That powerful philosophy, combined with his standing in the community, led to his appointment to the Helena Housing Authority by the city’s mayor. In this capacity, Jack helped develop and acted as the first chairman for the Helena Housing Development Corporation, which continues to help underprivileged families achieve affordable housing. Jack believes that real estate is about the needs and goals of a family more than it is about property lines and paperwork. He also knows that when a family is making the major decision to buy or sell their home, they need someone who will take the time to listen to them and follow up with great results. His caring and attentive approach is backed by an unparalleled knowledge of the real estate process and the local market.

A Strong Professional
When you call on Jack to help you sell your home, you can count on an outstanding negotiator who understands the selling process and can explain each step to you in plain English. Jack knows how important it is for you to get the most for your investment. His comprehensive marketing strategies, from the Internet, direct mail and extensive broker networking, ensure your home gets the attention it deserves in the dynamic local real estate market.

All The Right Moves
If you’re looking to buy a home, Jack goes to work to show you your options and make the buying process go smoothly. He knows that your home search is about finding the right place to fit every member of your family. That’s why he works so hard to make sure you know your options and make the best possible decision. With a strong background in construction (Jack started and owned Master Masonry) and years of experience in the local real estate market, Jack knows the issues that you will face as you prepare to buy your home.

Count On Jack
Whether you are new to the area or a longtime resident, looking for your first home or looking forward to retirement, Jack Hamlin will provide you with results and service you can rely on. He believes that real estate is about helping a family build and carry on their heritage in Helena. When the time comes for you to make your move, call Jack or send him an E-mail. You’ll be glad you did!